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Get inspired with a personal training program from our Camarillo personal trainers at Get Cut Fitness.

Our personal trainers in Camarillo will give you an experience that works around your schedule, and focuses on getting you results fast!



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Small Group Personal Training

Looking for personal trainer in Camarillo but want a more cost effective approach? At Get Cut Fitness we have the solution for you. With our Camarillo group personal training programs you will get all the same results as you would with your own private personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

Get fit, get healthy, get inspired with Group Training at Get Cut Fitness.

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Large D2S The Challenge for Facebook

Looking to kick your fitness into high gear and get great results? You can drop 2 sizes in 8-Weeks with our D2S Challenge.

The D2S Challenge starts September 16th 2019. It's extremly limited availability so pre-register today.


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Fitness Boot Camp

The Get Cut Fitness Boot Camp in Ventura and Camarillo focuses on getting you results fast while working you out in a fun and exciting small group personal training enviornment. You will feel right at home working with your personal trainer to achieve the personal results you want with our Ventura Boot Camp and our Camarillo Boot Camp programs..

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Get Healthy, Get Inspired, Get Results!

Get Cut Fitness is the home of the most results driven personal training and Boot Camp in Ventura and Camarillo. With our Ventura boot camps, our Camarillo boot camps, personal training and small group personal training programs, you will NEVER feel intimidated about doing what you need to do to get in shape. Featuring our state-of-the-art private personal training studios located in both Old Town Camarillo and Mid Town Ventura, Get Cut Fitness offers you a different way of thinking about your health and fitness in Ventura County. Think of us as a personalized fitness facility that focuses solely on getting the results you want in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in. We feature cutting edge programs including, fitness boot camps, TRX Suspension Training, Kettle bells and the latest functional training techniques that will get you in shape fast. We also feature strength and cardio equipment along with the latest in balance and stabilization training techniques. No matter what your goal is, the NASM certified personal trainers at Get Cut will help you get there. We feature programs for fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement as well as general fitness and flexibility. We do custom meal planning based on your current level of fitness and your overall goal. Looking to mix up your work outs? Call and ask about our Ventura Boot Camp class as well as our Camarillo Boot Camp Class and take your work outs to the next level. Look your best and experience ultimate weight loss with personal training, boxing lessons  boot camp classes, TRX Suspension Training, and Kettle bell workouts from our Camarillo, California or Ventura, California locations. Come in and get a free consultation from the best personal trainers in Ventura County at our Camarillo and Ventura locations.

Success Stories | Charles

charles before and after for siteCharles

Before 225 LBS 34% Body Fat
After 175 LBS 17.5% Body Fat

On April first of 2014 I received quite a surprise. After experiencing severe pain in my arms, chest and upper back I was taken to the local emergency room and diagnosed with a heart attack. I found out I had 100% blockage in one of my arteries and 50% blockage in another one. This was a big surprise as I had just had an uneventful cardiac MRI 5 months prior to my heart attack.

What began as a very scary event ended up becoming a catalyst for changes in my lifestyle. Before my heart attack, my eating habits, stress levels and exercise regimen were not what they needed to be. While I knew a lot about healthy eating, I was making too many exceptions. My portions sizes were excessive and I was not making healthy decisions on my snacking. Even though i exercised a couple of times a week before my attack, I found exercising very difficult due to the amount of excess weight i was carrying.

After the attack I gave my lifestyle considerable thought. I realized if I didn't make some radical changes, my quality of life would be severely compromised. The most important change I made was dietary. I greatly minimized my sugar, refined carb and salt intake. I now eat 5 portions of fruit per day, lots of green vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats like avocados and olive oil. I reduced my overall calorie intake and make sure I am using healthy snacking options so I never feel hungry. By November of 2014, just 7 months later, I had dropped 50 pounds and over 15% body fat.

A critical ingredient in my return to robust health has been my workouts at Get Cut Fitness. The expert knowledge and watchful eyes of the trainers at Get Cut Fitness have made me feel safe and in good hands. I work hard but not beyond my physical capability.

The amazing thing is something as life threatening as a heart attack has led me to a much healthier life and a greater sense of well being. Thank you to the crew at Get Cut Fitness for being an indispensable part of my new lease on life.


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