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Keeping our members safe is our top priority.

Make sure to watch the video and download our Health and Safety Promise to find out how we are keeping you safe!



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Jumpstart your fitness goals with our Transformation Challenge and get in the best shape of your life.

The next Challenge starts soon. It's limited availability so pre-register today.


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Get inspired with a personal training program from our Camarillo personal trainers at Get Cut Fitness.

Our personal trainers in Camarillo will give you an experience that works around your schedule, and focuses on getting you results fast!



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Yes, you can feel better and get great results working out from home with our Remote Personal Training (online).

You'll be able to work virtually with a perosnal trainer through guided online live workouts in a small group session. Click here for more detials



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Small Group Personal Training

Looking for personal trainer in Camarillo but want a more cost effective approach? At Get Cut Fitness we have the solution for you. With our Camarillo group personal training programs you will get all the same results as you would with your own private personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

Get fit, get healthy, get inspired with Group Training at Get Cut Fitness.

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Get Cut Fitness is the home of the most results driven personal training and Boot Camp in Ventura and Camarillo. With our Ventura boot camps, our Camarillo boot camps, personal training and small group personal training programs, you will NEVER feel intimidated about doing what you need to do to get in shape. Featuring our state-of-the-art private personal training studios located in both Old Town Camarillo and Mid Town Ventura, Get Cut Fitness offers you a different way of thinking about your health and fitness in Ventura County. Think of us as a personalized fitness facility that focuses solely on getting the results you want in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in. We feature cutting edge programs including, fitness boot camps, TRX Suspension Training, Kettle bells and the latest functional training techniques that will get you in shape fast. We also feature strength and cardio equipment along with the latest in balance and stabilization training techniques. No matter what your goal is, the NASM certified personal trainers at Get Cut will help you get there. We feature programs for fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement as well as general fitness and flexibility. We do custom meal planning based on your current level of fitness and your overall goal. Looking to mix up your work outs? Call and ask about our Ventura Boot Camp class as well as our Camarillo Boot Camp Class and take your work outs to the next level. Look your best and experience ultimate weight loss with personal training, boxing lessons  boot camp classes, TRX Suspension Training, and Kettle bell workouts from our Camarillo, California or Ventura, California locations. Come in and get a free consultation from the best personal trainers in Ventura County at our Camarillo and Ventura locations.

6-Week Challenge


The New Year New You

6-Week Transformation Challenge 

Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Tone 

Imagine a fitness and weight loss program that works fast AND gives you the permanent results you deserve!Mirna Trans
check transparentDrop dress/pant sizes
check transparentLose inches off your waist
check transparentDrop fat and gain lean muscle
check transparentCustomized and staisfying meal plan
check transparentSmall group personal training workouts for 6-Weeks
check transparentExpert guidance from top certified trainers

Hi there and welcome. I'm sure you know there are no shortage of fitness options and fads out there promising the moon but simply do not deliver! You may have often taken a chance on a new and exciting approach to fitness and weight loss, only to be disappointed with the results over and over again! The reason you and the vast majority of other well meaning, hard working people fail to reach their fitness goas of losing fat and toning up is:

- The miracle cures sold with celebrity endorsements and hyped-up promises will never create permanent results

- Fad diets and workouts are not a lifestyle base approach that will create lasting change. Even if they work for a short amount of time, you soon gain all the weight back.

I say stop the madness and focus on a program that actually works!

It really bothers me when i see new clients come to me utterly defeated and down on themselves thinking it's their fault. You know the feeling: constantly telling yourself things like: 'some people just can't be fit', 'it's my genetics' or 'I just have a slow metablosim'. All because you've been duped by the constant bombardment of marketing hype and contradictory imformation day in and out.

At Get Cut Fitness we say: "It's not YOUR fault!"

We're here to guide and support you in your goals to live a healthier happier and sexier lifestyle. Now and for good.

NO fads, NO gimmicks, just step-by-step expert guidence through your lifestyle transformation so looking good and feeling your best becomes automatic!

lynn331Here's What You Get During Your 6-Week Body Transformation

check transparentStep-by-step guidance from veteran certified personal trainers who guide you through permanent lifestyle changes so that looking and feeling your best automatically result from your day-to-day habits and you no longer have to think about it.

check transparentPersonalized meal plan just for you using REAL food, not a generic fad diet and no expensive shakes.

check transparentUnlimited fun, varied, fat-burning, muscle toning, small group personal training workouts for 6-Weeks!

check transparentA supportive environment where you can be surrounded with like-minded people with similar goals to hold you accountable and go through the jouney with you.


So how much is this 6-Week Challenge going to cost me?

I appreciate your direct question. The cost of the program is about $8 per day. When you fill out the "Save my spot" box I'll be giving you a call to talk to you more about your fitness goals and make sure the program is a right fit for you. If it's a good fit, you will simply pay a $49 deposit to reserve your spot and the balance will be due after your program starts. Before you make any pre-judgements about the cost make sure you consider something: How much do you spend on unhealthy habits over the course of the month that make you feel bad and work against your health and wellness?

-  A daily coffee run will cost you around $100 per month

- Eating out twice a week will cost you around $80 per month

- A glass of wine per night will cost you around $100 per month

These are conservative numbers. Most of us spend way more. Why not take just part of the money you spend on things that are making you feel unhealthy and unhappy and spend it on a fitness challenge that will transform you into the healthy happy person you want to be! If you are even just partially interested make sure to fill out the "Save my Spot!" box. This is a no obligation offer. We will not pressure you into the program. I'll simply call you to give you more details and to find out if the program is right for you. I'll look forward to being in touch with you!

The next Challenge Starts soon. Fill in your info to save your spot.

What Have You Got To Lose?

If you sign up today you're under no obligation whatsoever. In fact you don't even need to enter any payment information. 

And don't worry, we are a small private studio with trainers who care, not a big corporation or a bunch of sales people so you will not be fending off aggressive sales calls 24/7 when you enter your info.

Just sign up, learn more about the 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge and if it's for you, great! We'll help you reach your fitness goals in big way! If not, no biggie, I won't hassle you in any way.

And here is the really cool part: This is a challenge NOT a weight loss competition. The top three people with the highest point totals at the end of the Challenge win an awesome cash prize. The last Challenge winners took home almost $1000!winners

How the point system works: The cool thing about our point system is it rewards consistency of your workouts and participation in the program instead of just the most amount of weight lost. We find this system works best because it is the most effective way to help you establish healthy habits over the 6-weeks so you can keep getting great results even after the Challenge is over.

Wait, this isn't for everyone. Here's who The 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge is for:

check transparentYou must be willing to workout a minimum of 3 days per week for an hour
check transparentYou must follow a customized meal plan
check transparentYou must take regular measurements to track how much fat you're losing
check transparentYou must have a positive hard working attitude in class


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