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Exercise for me was paramount to my physical wellbeing and mental health for many years, but I had reached a point in my life where working out was not fun for me anymore. Training in a large crowded gym was frustrating and difficult because I couldn't count on a machine or floor space being available at the time I needed it. I just didn't have the energy or the motivation to push myself anymore in that environment. All that changed when I signed up for personal training at Get Cut Fitness. There is simply no comparison to working out at Get Cut Fitness. The facility is not overwhelming in size or clientele. I think of it as a boutique fitness center. My personal trainer is well prepared for each and every session we have together. He puts me through a vigorous workout varying the different muscle groups at each session and always incorporating the core. At Get Cut Fitness, it is always about YOU. I feel fabulous every day. I am so spoiled right now, that honestly I cannot visualize myself, on my own, without Get Cut Fitness playing a central role in my life, my health and my wellbeing.

Ann Favor

0362-2-01I joined Get Cut right before the Christmas holiday and have found it to be a great experience for me. I had been doing some form of exercise for years, including Pilates, yoga, cardio-circuit training, and even a lower level boot camp, but it wasn't until Get Cut, that I really began to see changes in my body.

At Get Cut, I'm never bored because the workouts are always different, always challenging. The group support makes it fun and holds me accountable. I have even learned to love those not-so-fun squats. By consistently challenging myself physically, I've changed my attitude about exercise and eating healthy. I have lost inches and body fat, and have gained lean muscle and confidence in my abilities.

While planning my daughters' wedding recently, I noticed another benefit. My consistent pattern of attending Get Cut Boot Camp three times a week, coupled with a few healthy changes to my daily nutritional habits, were the keys to allowing me to be more focused, more energetic, less stressed, and more relaxed.

At the end of every class, I thank the personal trainers at Get Cut for pushing me. I know I wouldn't challenge myself to the same level of achievement without their program and encouragement. Their attention to correct form has kept me injury free. I am planning on this to be my leanest body fat year ever!

Jane Goodall



sally-pink-01Two years ago with the Big 50 looming on the horizon I set myself a new goal of toning and building muscle and maybe dropping a few pounds in the process.

As an avid gym member for many years I knew what it would take to reach my goal and I also knew that I couldn't, or should I say, wouldn't, do it alone.

After considering hiring a personal trainer at my gym I decided that I would do better in a private training environment with a fitness expert who could create a personalized program with my goals, limitations and strengths in mind.

I joined the Get Cut Fitness Studio and with John Agbelusi as my personal trainer. I very quickly saw a change in my shape, strength and flexibility.  John designed an exercise program that is always challenging and fun and John's 'mix-it-up' style of personal training means that each session is different with no boring repetitions on endless machines.  John's focus on form and safety means that I am able to work out within my own physical limitations and still get great results.

Although I reached my goal within a relatively short period of time after beginning the program I love my workouts so much that I am now heading into my third year at Get Cut and don't see any reason to quit.

Sally Stride

Prudential California Realty


marty-01When I was facing back surgery a year and a half ago, I realized I would have to make drastic changes in my lifestyle. I was an avid tennis player and skier, and the thought of giving up the sports I love was really depressing. My doctor referred me to Get Cut Fitness for their expertise in strengthening and conditioning. It has been over a year and I am in the best shape of life. I can play tennis and I am pain free. I'm still working on taking my shirt off in public, but my personal trainer John says that day will come soon. Thanks Get Cut Fitness for all your help.

Dr. Marty Schneider

Owner, Camarillo Vision Center



hipflexor-01Crystal Cowgill of Camarillo took the 6 week GET CUT Boot Camp Challange and lost 12.2 pounds, 5.2% body fat and 11.75 inches. Read her full story as reported by the Ventura County Star over a six week study.

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