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Functional Training Membership

So here's the deal: You want more then just a regular gym membership but hiring a personal trainer is just not an option for you. The solution: The Get Cut Fitness Functional Training Membership. Think of it as a the perfect solution that combines hiring a personal trainer and having your own private training studio. Here's how it works:

Unique Program Features and Results

It all starts with the initial consultation: You will meet with one of our certified personal trainers to find out what is important to you about your fitness program. We will then create a workout routine specific to your needs and goals.

Complete Program Design: We start you off with a full assessment to test your core strength, stability, posture and balance and build your program around you.

Easy to understand workouts: After the assessment we set you up with your own personal workouts. You then follow the workouts on a phone app. Each exercise comes with step by step instruction as well as video tutorials so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Feel like you need a bit more instruction? We are always available to answer questions about specific exercises in your program as well as to help you understand form and body positioning.

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