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Group Training


Small Group Personal Training

Get Healthy, Get Inspired, Get Results with Group Personal Training at Get Cut Fitness. Our Camarillo personal trainers offer group personal training to give you a lower cost, fun way to get all the results you want.

Key Program features:

  • Work out with your friends or ours: With our personal trainers in Camarillo, you can sign up with your friends and create your own personal group training time spot, or you can choose from the many times spots we currently offer. (see the class schedule)
  • Progressive program: One of the key features about our Small Group Personal Training is its progressive nature. That means it adapts to your fitness level when you start and slowly progresses you from there. The enables us to improve your fitness over time which will ensure you get the best possible result.
  • Proven 5 step program: We use a state-of-the-art program that take into account your unique variables (i.e. body fat, height, weight, activity level, training experience, etc.) to ensure your program will give you all the tools you need to reach your goal FAST!!!
  • Work out in our private facilities: Let's face it, taking a private training session is not private in a crowded gym. With our private facilitiy in Camarillo you will feel like you own your own private gym.
  • Customized menu plan based on your goal: Eat only the foods that you like while achieving the results you want. No more restrictive or yo-yo dieting.
  • Home workable program: We teach you what to do on the days you are not working out with us to ensure you stay on track.

For more information please visit our page on personal training.

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