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Youth Sports Camp

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With youth sports on the rise it's super important for your child to have a competitive edge. Not just when it comes to playing but also when it comes to preventing injury.

The Youth Sports Camp at Get Cut Fitness is designed to help your young, growing athlete reach max potential while ensuring they stay healthy and injury free playing their favorite sport. You'll see your child's performance improve each session in this progressive program. 

Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays @ 4PM (each session is 50 minutes)

Areas of focus:

Speed and agility. Strength and power. Flexibility and mobility. Injury prevention

Program cost:

1 x Per Week = $80 per month / 2 x Per Week = $120 per month (if you're on a mobile device, scroll down to save your spot)

In our Youth Sports Camp, a highly qualified Certified Personal/Athletic Trainer leads each session.

We also incorporate the 4 pillars of a successful youth training program. 

Pillar #1: Cross Training

Think of cross training as incorporating movements/techniques that are not single-sport specific. For example: if your child's sport is basketball then cross training would involve doing weight and strength training. Cross training is extremely important for todays young athletes because it teaches their body how to handle various types of resistance, speed, power and energy production. When your young athlete is good at multiple types of training it makes them better in their preferred sport. With our Youth Sports Camp we incorporate multiple cross training techniques as well as weight and strength training. 

Pillar # 2: Injury Prevention

Keeping your young athlete injury free is one of the most important things to ensure they are successful at their sport. With our Youth Sports Camp we incorporate Reactive Training and Tissue RecoveryReactive training can best be described as movements that teach the body how to effectively reduce force. This is important because it will help your child stay safe when they are on the field or the court and the have to react quickly. Tissue Recovery incorporate techniques that help improve blood flow and relieve tension in muscle groups. We use foam rollers, stretching, and joint mobility movements to help your young athletes recover more quickly after their workouts and stay injury free.

Pillar #3: Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition is essential to your young athletes development and performance. Our certified training staff gives critical nutrition information on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat so your child can reach maximum potential. 

Pillar #4: Measurable results

You want to see results from the training your kids are doing, and so do we. That is why we use specific metrics to track your child's progress and athletic performance. We also use an InBody 570 to track how they are improving and recovering on a cellular level. 

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