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Stories of Success

While the the Stories of Success from Get Cut Fitness Clients are far too many to count, we thought we'd share a few with you to help inspire you on your fitness journey.

Anissa FrontCatrina

After losing both her parents this mom of 3 boys lost her way. 

She found herself agan after joining our program, getting great results and connecting with our amazing community.

Find out how she went from feeling hopeless to being an inspiration to us all. 

Read her full transformation story here.





Anissa Front



Have you struggled with your weight your entire life?

Anissa did.

However, after joining our program she finally conqured her issues with food, got amazing results and has found a healthy way to stay in shape. 

Read her full transformation story here.




Some women feel it's harder to lose weight as they get older.

Even though Kathleen started her fitness journey later in life, she still got amazing results and now has the strength and energy to keep up with her grandkids.

Do you want to know how she dropped 40 pounds and kept it off after turning 60?

Read her age-defying story here.




Rene Before and after 2Rene

Rene had been struggling with her personal fitness goals for years. She finally made her comeback by joining our program and losing over 40 pounds. 

Now she feels better than ever and is in a healthy fitness routine she actually enjoys. 

Read her inspirational story here.