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Success Stories | Catrina

charles before and after for siteCatrina's Story

This mom of 3 felt like dying inside after losing her parents just a few months apart.
She was determined to feel better and joined our program in early 2020.
Then came the craziness that was 2020. 
Did that stop her from getting the results she so desperately wanted? 
Read her life-changing story to find out.
"As every mom knows, having kids takes a lot of time and energy out of you. I’m a mom of 3 boys and I was guilty of taking care of everyone else first and putting myself last. 
I ran track and cross country in high school and college so I know the discipline that it takes to stay consistent with my workouts. 
But I just couldn’t find the motivation because I lostboth of my parents just 3 months apart almost 5 years ago.
After losing my parents, I lost my way.  
I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions while still trying to take care of my family.
I needed to put on a happy face for my kids although I felt like dying inside and fitness was the last thing on my mind.
 Anissa Side
I wanted to get back to feeling like myself again but I couldn’t get into a good routine. I tried doing a walking routine but I just couldn't commit to anything long term. 
I even tried joining one of those big box gyms but I would end up going to Starbucks instead of going to work out. I just wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready to commit to anything.  
All I wanted to do was bury my head in the sand and not deal with my emotions. I’d take my kids to school, go home and crawl back in bd. I call this my ostrich phase. 
Before I knew it, I had gained over 20 pounds. I didn’t like what I was seeing in the mirror.  
After some time, I finally decided that my parents would not want me to live the way I was living.
I needed to find myself again. 
That’s when I discovered Get Cut Fitness, and it changed everything!
I have more energy and self-confidence.  
I am so blessed to have found this gym. 
A huge part of my success is how they help us set goals and I absolutely love how they keep us accountable. The trainers are amazing!
I’m a happier person overall and I’m able to be a better mom and wife to all my boys. My kids even freak out when I don’t go to the gym.  
One goal I have set for myself is to be able to get stronger and lift more weight. By staying consistent, I know will achieve my goal!
I love all the different options Get Cut Fitness provides.IMG 2827 copy
I can do my workouts at their facility, through Zoom or using the training app.
I have been so blessed to have picked the right gym for me! 
I’ve also met the most amazing group of girls to workout with. They keep me going when I am struggling (thanks ladies). 
In the 5 years since losing my parents I had not been able to sleep. But since I started working out at Get Cut there have been many days that I wake up and think “wow that was a whole night sleep”. 
I know this is happening because my mind and body feel better.  
I finally found who I was before losing my parents and I am ready to conquer the world.  
Even though I don’t have my parents anymore, I know that I can do anything as long as I have a clear mind. 
That is what Get Cut Fitness has given me. It is simply amazing.
I am super excited that I joined the Get Cut family."

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