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Success Stories | Rene

charles before and after for siteRene's Story 

Coming back to a fitness plan can be really tough after being sedentary for a while and not watching what you're eating.

It takes a lot of discipline, motivation, and the right tools to get back on track
This is Rene's story.
She is one of our members who dropped 40 pounds after 10 years of going back and forth with her fitness goals.
"For the past 10 years, I have been in a constant merry-go-round, off and on diets, in and out of gyms, never finding my old love of health and fitness. 

I grew up being constantly active, played basketball competitively from elementary up through high school, and continued to be active in the gym, never once even thinking about dieting. 
That is until I hit my mid 20's. 
Those were the years I got married, had a baby boy and took a job where I was very sedentary. 
Through life's changes, events, and ups and downs I got into a rut and couldn't get out of it. 
I couldn't get past all the different diets, workout styles, and information out there these days which led to me second-guessing everything and never sticking with anything long enough to see something work. 

I'm just one of those people who always focus on serving others and putting myself last. 
I had exercise as a goal but something would always get in the way of my fitness: 
I had tons of stuff on my family and work to-do list, my son would have a temper tantrum when I wanted to go work out, I would make dinner for everyone and by the end of the day I'm exhausted. 
I just didn't make time for myself. 
Then I started to gain a lot of weight.
I was somewhat aware of the initial 10-pound weight gain but it was slow and I didn't really notice it was happening. 
I just kept hiding them with bigger and bigger clothes sizes. 

Then people I knew would see me from behind and say something like 'I didn't recognize that was you'. 
I thought to myself 'what the heck?' but it dawned on me that they didn't recognize me because I was gaining so much weight.  

Before I realized it I was at my heaviest weight ever, which was 2 pounds heavier than the day I gave birth to my son. 

Then, two dear friends of mine joined Get Cut Fitness and had amazing results! 
I decided to give it a try. 
It's been 5 months and now I've also had great results. 

The workouts are so fun and ever-changing, and the nutritional guidance has been incredibly insightful. 
I love how they really take the brainwork out of everything.

Now I have all the tools I need to get fit. 
I simply need to show up and put in the work. 
I've lost 40 pounds since I started my weight loss journey and I'm confident I can continue to make progress over these next 6 months. 

I'm also happy to say I'm looking forward to doing it!"

Rene S.
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