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Success Stories | Mirna

IMG 0135Mirna

I began my journey to becoming more fit 3 months shy of my wedding and needed to lose a few pounds. I was tired of being overweight and had already been through two cycles of gaining and losing 30 pounds.

Get Cut Fitness caught my eye as it offered a friendly and welcoming workout style that would help me get to my goal. The workouts were challenging but I immediately felt comfortable as the boot camps were in a small group format and I stayed consistent with the program.

October came around and I had reached my short term goal of toning up for my wedding. I was very happy with my results but I did not stop there. Step by step I started getting better and better results as I started focusing more on the nutrition program that Get Cut Fitness provided me. The nutrition plan was very helpful for me as it taught me to make better food choices and create structure in my daily routine (even though I still have my "cheat" meals on the weekends Laughing).

Get Cut Fitness also helped by encouraging me to do extra fitness activities like rock climbing and 5K mud runs. I always thought of running a 5K as a pretty daunting task, but I made it and it felt so good to run across the finish line!

I look forward to continuing my journey to getting more fit, wherever it takes me. Thanks Get Cut Fitness. You guys rock!

- Mirna Hubbs

Before my wedding: 162 LBS 30% Body Fat
After my wedding: 142 LBS and 23% Body Fat