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Stories of Success

While the the Stories of Success from Get Cut Fitness Clients are far too many to count, we thought we'd share a few with you to help inspire you on your fitness journey.


Charlescharles before and after for site

Before: 225 LBS 34% Body Fat
After: 175 LBS 17.5% Body Fat
On April first of 2014 I received quite a surprise. After experiencing severe pain in my arms, chest and upper back i was taken to the local emergency room and diagnosed with a heart attack. I found out i had 100% blockage in one of my arteries and 50% blockage in another one...

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IMG 0135


 Before: 162 LBS 30% Body Fat
 After 142 LBS 23% Body Fat
 I began my journey to becoming more fit 3 months shy of my wedding... Get Cut Fitness caught my eye as it offered a friendly and welcoming workout style that would help me get to my goal..


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Kent Before and AfterKent

 Before: Summer of '13. 227 LBS 30% Body Fat
 After: Summer of '14. 193 LBS 19% Body Fat

In summer 2013 I had my initial evaluation at Get Cut Fitness. When the trainer asked me what my fitness goals are I quickly blurted out "I want to lose 20 pounds"...

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